Artist Statement – Thomas Ackermann

As a painter for more than 4O years I have endeavoured to elicit a visceral experience of my paintings for the viewer. My interest is not only WHAT (subject) I’m painting but HOW (process) I physically make a painting. Half my subject is the painting itself. I have developed a very personal way of applying my materials onto the canvas, in spirit, much like Pollock or Frankenthaler dripping or pouring. I am using a 6OO year old medium (oil paint) and re-invented (altered) it to suit my unique process. My paint surfaces are either highly reflective (without topical varnishes) or extremely rough and textured. A brush has not touched the final surface.
ALL // Adriano Piu / Alice Vanderschoot / An Mommaerts / Ann-Sophie Deproost / Atelier Haute Cuisine / Bertrand Vanden Elsacker / Edith Ronse / Elise Vandeplancke / Eva De Smet / Francine Van Mieghem / Fred Bervoets / Greet Desal / Hasan Saygin / Hendrik Van Walleghem / Henk Visch / Hubert Sierens / Isidoor Goddeeris / Jean Bilquin / Jean Claeys / Joelle Dubois / Joke Derycke / Joost Gevaert / Julie Lesenne / Kris Vercruysse / Lieven D'Haese / Luca Beel / Lukas Verstraete / Matthias Nuytten / Max Dreezen / Marc De Brée / Merel Cremers / Merel Vande Casteele / Myriam Eykens / Rik Slabbinck / Robin Vermeersch / Roland Rens / Sam Dendooven / Stijn Bastianen / Thomas Ackermann / Tinus Vermeersch / Veerle Beckers / Wivina Ockier / Yaacov Agam / Yves Obyn