Luca Beel is a Ghent-based visual artist. She completed her studies at the School of Arts in Ghent and now works as a freelance photographer. Her main focus lies on architectural photography. In her spare time she creates series of images built around concepts that differ greatly. Apart from photography, her interests also lay with furniture and design. She is always experimenting and looking for new possibilities and combinations. Some of her designs make the cut and are followed through, like her Luca Bowls, an exclusive collection hand-made fruit bowls.
ALL // Adriano Piu / Alice Vanderschoot / An Mommaerts / Ann-Sophie Deproost / Atelier Haute Cuisine / Bertrand Vanden Elsacker / Edith Ronse / Elise Vandeplancke / Eva De Smet / Francine Van Mieghem / Fred Bervoets / Greet Desal / Hasan Saygin / Hendrik Van Walleghem / Henk Visch / Hubert Sierens / Isidoor Goddeeris / Jean Bilquin / Jean Claeys / Joelle Dubois / Joke Derycke / Joost Gevaert / Julie Lesenne / Kris Vercruysse / Lieven D'Haese / Luca Beel / Lukas Verstraete / Matthias Nuytten / Max Dreezen / Marc De Brée / Merel Cremers / Merel Vande Casteele / Myriam Eykens / Rik Slabbinck / Robin Vermeersch / Roland Rens / Sam Dendooven / Stijn Bastianen / Thomas Ackermann / Tinus Vermeersch / Veerle Beckers / Wivina Ockier / Yaacov Agam / Yves Obyn